VTOL Benefits

If you are considering a VTOL aircraft for your company or for your personal use, you should know about the various benefits associated with a VTOL jet. These include the safety of your aircraft and the cost-effectiveness of a VTOL aircraft.


There are many different factors to consider when determining the cost-effectiveness of treatment. For example, the costs of a treatment may depend on a person’s age, health, and other factors. The severity of an illness may also influence the cost of a treatment. For instance, people who are suffering from an acute illness like pneumonia may require more expensive treatments than a patient with a chronic health condition. Another important factor to consider is the impact of pre-existing disability.

One of the most important tools that policy makers use when evaluating the cost-effectiveness of a medical treatment is the quality-adjusted life year (QALY). QALY is an academic standard that measures the amount of additional years a patient lives due to treatment. To calculate a QALY, a person’s health benefits from a treatment are summed up to determine the number of additional QALYs.

ICER, a nonprofit organization, produces publicly-available cost-effectiveness reports on drugs. These reports help policymakers understand the value of various treatment options and inform their decisions. For example, the State of New York uses ICER reports to decide which Medicaid-covered drugs are cost-effective. This allows the state to ensure that patients get the best possible care. The reports have been used by many other organizations for more than five years.