Dukaan Benefits For Your Online Business

Dukaan is a powerful software tool for managing your online business. You can use it to track and analyze your orders. It also helps you calculate your delivery charges. It is available on several subscription plans. So, whether you are a small or a large store, you can benefit from its features.

Multiple subscription plans

Dukaan offers several benefits, starting from the free plan to the premium subscription plan. The latter is a paid feature that lets you enjoy all the advantages of the other plan plus a few extras. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to set up an online store or a big brand wanting to launch a new retail site, the platform has something for you.

One of the biggest benefits of the app is its mobile-first approach. With 98% of its traffic coming from mobile devices, the company is able to stay ahead of its competitors.

Another feature is its ability to scale. Since its inception, Dukaan has processed over 12 lakh orders. As such, the company has been able to expand its headcount from a dozen to more than 200. This allows the company to tackle more issues while gearing up for future growth.

Re-order category feature

One of the key features of Dukaan is its re-order category. This helps merchants keep a record of all orders placed in their stores. As a result, they can manage the inventory in an efficient manner.

Another one of the most useful features of the platform is its ability to offer online payments. The company has integrated with both Stripe and Paypal accounts. This makes transition to Dukaan as smooth as possible.

The interface is also very user-friendly. It has a wide range of tools that help you create and manage your store. There are a lot of options to choose from, such as an invoice generator, QR Code generator, slogan maker and much more.

Calculate delivery charges

There are several reasons why you should calculate delivery charges. First and foremost, it helps you keep operational costs down. Second, it gives you a chance to rake in the profits. And third, it’s fun. When you own a delivery service, you have to deal with the occasional customer that lives far from your warehouse.

With the help of a good courier, you can make good on the promise of timely delivery. But you also have to do a bit of legwork to set up your delivery business in the first place. By calculating the real-time delivery costs, you can avoid tying up your resources on inefficient activities.

Track all order positions

Dukaan is a mobile first commerce platform that helps small sellers and entrepreneurs set up and run their online store. The app opens up a full fledged e-commerce store within minutes and allows consumers to order products. It fulfills orders within a few hours.

Customers can place their orders through a link on the website or mobile app. Dukaan is currently serving customers in India, Nepal, Indonesia, the United States and the United Kingdom. It is targeting 70 countries in the near future.

Dukaan has a headcount of 200 people and is aiming to grow rapidly. The company has recently hired executives from Flipkart and Swiggy.

Hellobar and Countdown timer plugins

Dukaan is a free eCommerce platform that allows users to easily manage their inventory and track their sales. It provides a seamless experience and eases the tedious process of running a store. The app uses various tools to help you out. These include a search function, an onboarding video and a product database. You can add products and configure their prices and sizes. This includes uploading images and a slew of other information. Moreover, Dukaan also offers you with marketing graphics, a QR code and special discount coupons. Lastly, it also lets you accept and manually process orders.

Although Dukaan offers a plethora of features and benefits, a few stand out above the rest. One such feature is the Countdown timer. Unlike other timers that use popups to collect emails and offer limited functionality, the Countdown Timer is a plugin that’s easy on the eye and the mind. In fact, it’s easy to see why it’s popular with eCommerce store owners.